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We are a publishing company focussing on luxury online content.
Supercars, private jets, mega yachts, fine timepieces, extraordinary travel locations and all these UHNWI topics make up our field of work.

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A luxurious micro cosmos

About Us

We create high class content for high class readers.

Wealth Magnet

Wealth Magnet is currently our main focus of activity. This online luxury magazine unifies all relevant lifestyle topics for the mega rich and beautifully presents the premium content to the upscale audience.
With a wide range of upmarket subjects, from supercars, mega yachts and private jets to exquisite travel, expensive watches, real estate, wine and so much more, Wealth Magnet reports on the absolute most relevant news for the upper ten thousand – and those who strive for exactly that status.

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What started as a personal blog years ago, transformed into a broad source of information about the beautiful game of golf. Mainly focussing on golf travel, course reviews and gear tests, Golficiency provides profound news on all important golf relevant topics.

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Hotels, golf resorts, airlines, golf club brands, cars, watches, etc.